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TD SRC 2021 - Programs & Activities

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Thursday, July 1st to Thursday, August 26th

The TD Summer Reading Club will be held virtually this year, full of virtual and off-screen fun to engage young readers and keep those literacy skills sharp to help stop the Summer Slide!

Every week there will be special programs and activities, including Storytime Shorts, STEAM challenges, virtual quests, craft activities, book talks, reading lists, activity sheets, and livestream storytimes!

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Storytime Shorts

  • Gurple and Preen (new!): Read about Gurple and Preen’s adventures in space and sing a song about the planets with Trinity and Mady!
  • The Beach: Trinity and Mady take a trip to the beach and discover the wonders of the underwater world!
  • Baseball: Join Trinity and Mady on their baseball adventure to learn more about sports and finding your courage!
  • Francais
    • Sois toi meme (nouveau!): Lisons un livre avec une licorne qui croit dur comme fer que les petites filles existent et chantons une petite chanson ensemble! Let's read a book about a unicorn who believes with all her heart that little girls exist and sing a song together!
    • Francais Licorne: Lisons un livre avec une licorne qui croit dur comme fer que les petites filles existent et chantons une petite chanson ensemble! Let's read a book about a unicorn who believes with all her heart that little girls exist and sing a song together!
    • Souffles de souhaits: Lisons un livre rempli de souhaits pour le bonheur et chantons une petite chanson ensemble! Let's read a book full of wishes for happy days and sing a song together!

STEAM Challenges

Virtual Quests

  • Escape from the Library! (new!): Nothing can go wrong playing hide and seek in the library.... Right? But what if it's a magic library?! Grab your favourite titles and see if you can solve the clues to escape the library!
  • CLOCA Adventure: Grab your kit and head out on a virtual bird-watching adventure with Central Lake Ontario Conservation (CLOCA) in the woods!
  • Canadian Space Agency: Will you succeed in your mission? Everyone at the Canadian Space Agency is dealing with a looming security threat, and they need you and your bunkmates at space camp to perform a very important task! Can you deliver the information to the head of security in time? Will you save the network? Take the challenge!

Book Talks

  • Ready, Set, Go! (new!): Join Trinity as she shares books to help you get moving with this week's theme!
  • Mystery: Whodunnit?! Join Mady as she shares books with a mystery!
  • Books about the Olympics: Ready, set, GO! Learn about Olympic themed books at the Library!
  • Books about hockey: Get your stick ready because the puck is about to drop!
  • Books You Can Play: Kick off Summer Reading Club with these fun interactive books!

Craft Activities

  • Rainbow Bubble Snake (new!): Make a rainbow bubble snake with Mady and Trinity. Take this messy activity outside to enjoy for hours! 

Activity Sheets

  • Bubble Art (new!): Create bubble flowers, and learn how to identify different types of flowers!
  • Grow Your Own Crystals: Bring out your mad scientist! Grow crystals in this fun activity, then chart their growth!
  • Homemade Ice Cream: Yum yum! Learn how to make your very own ice cream at home! And if you could design ANY kind of ice cream, what would it be?
  • Grow a Seed: Nuture your green thumb! Grow some seeds, then chart their growth!
  • Let's Go: It's fun with words! Enjoy a word search and scramble, discover recommended reads, and a colouring activity!

Livestream Storytimes

  • August 19, 2:00 p.m.: Be sure to tune in to our YouTube channel for our next livestream storytime adventure!
  • July 22: Monster Hunt! (new!): There's a rumour that a monster has been sighted at the Library. Come along for a monster hunt and join Trinity, Amy, and Mady for a storytime adventure!


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Superstar Storytellers Series

Tuesday, August 17th, 7:00 p.m.: Graphix Panel: Jess Keating, Katy Farina, Aron Nels Steinke
Advanced registration required.

Join us this summer for The Superstar Storyteller Summer Series! This exciting, partnered summer-long event will be coming to several library systems within Durham and York Region this July and August.   

This spectacular series will showcase several Scholastic authors in the form of virtual author visits and book talks allowing children from all participating libraries within York and Durham Regions to attend. There will also be bi-weekly BINGO challenges corresponding to each author visit!

Visit our Superstar Storytellers page for more information and to register!

NFB Films: Summer Reading Club Showcase

image from the Magic of Anansi film.Delve into the rich vault of National Film Board of Canada titles with a specially curated showcase!

View the NFB Showcase page, and log in using the password NFB2021. Films include:

  • Ice Breakers: Josh Crooks is a promising teen hockey star in a sport where Black players like him are chronically underrepresented. Ice Breakers reveals the buried history of a pioneering Black hockey league in Atlantic Canada, as Crooks discovers that his unshakable passion is tied to a rich and remarkable heritage.
  • The Mountain of SGaana: The Mountain of SGaana spins a magical tale of a young man who is stolen away to the spirit world, and the young woman who rescues him. Haida filmmaker Christopher Auchter’s dream-like gem brilliantly entwines traditional animation with formal elements of Haida art, which are brought to life by a rich, evocative palette and stylized effects. As a young fisherman cruises along a rugged shoreline, a tiny mouse in Haida regalia appears and starts to knit a blanket. A story unfolds on the blanket as it grows longer, illustrating the ancient tale of Haida master sea hunter Naa-Naa-Simgat and his beloved, Kuuga Kuns. When a sGaana (the Haida word for “killer whale”) captures the hunter and drags him down into a supernatural world, the courageous Kuuga Kuns sets off to save him. Will the lovers manage to escape the undersea Mountain of SGaana, or will they, too, become part of the Haida spirit world forever?
  • The Magic of Anansi: Anansi the spider is tired of being looked down on by all the jungle animals--just because his webs don't catch bugs. The fearsome Mr. Tiger promises to respect the little spider if he brings him Mr. Snake, the world's grumpiest creature. After much wily scheming and plotting, Anansi delivers a humiliated Mr. Snake to Mr. Tiger. Only then does he realize that Mr. Tiger's respect comes at too high a price. Anansi doesn't want to make anyone miserable, not even Mr. Snake. Anansi stands up to Mr. Tiger and, in the end, this is what wins him the respect of the other creatures. The Magic of Anansi is part of the NFB's Talespinners collection. Created for children aged five to nine, Talespinners uses vibrant animation to bring popular stories from a wide range of cultural communities to the screen.
  • L'évasion des carrousels: Noirs, bleus, verts, gueule ouverte et naseaux frémissants, les chevaux de bois s'enfuient du carrousel pour une nuit de liberté, d'ivresse et d'amour. À l'aube, des jockeys ramènent docilement au manège les bêtes rassasiées de jeux et de folles galopades. Fruit d'une technique inventive, L'Évasion des carrousels transpose au cinéma la poésie et le merveilleux de l'enfance. De vrais chevaux galopent au milieu de reliefs saisissants et d'effets visuels d'une grande beauté. Film sans paroles.
  • A Change of Scenery: Meet Annie, a woman who, despite being caught up in the circus of everyday life, finds her balance. Using live-action footage and traditional animation, filmmaker Anita Lebeau takes us on a whirlwind tour through Annie’s busy world and shows us the power that lies in the small choices we make every day.
  • Glasses: Milo is always losing his lunchbox, screwing up in class and humiliating himself on the playground. He'd like to be invincible like his comic book hero Captain Cosmo, but for a shy near-sighted kid, the humiliations of Grade One know no bounds! He lives in a lonely, blurry world and is blind to his one true friend, Gwenny. A visit to the eye doctor brings things into focus. His first pair of glasses enables Milo to excel in class and on the playground. Full of new-found confidence, he loses sight of who his friends really are until a crushing accident reminds him. Funny and poignant, Glasses is a vivid cinematic exploration of elementary school life and just how hard it can be when you don't see things quite the way everyone else does.