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Request an Item

Suggest an Item for Purchase, Inter-Library Loan

Clarington Public Library welcomes suggestions for additions to the collection, and we can often get items from another library system if we do not presently own a copy.

You may request to borrow an item from another library system (Inter-Library Loan Service), and/or recommend Clarington Public Library purchase the item (Suggestions for Purchase).

Before you fill out the form, please check the Library Catalogue to ensure that the Library does not already own the item.

What You May Request:

  • Books;
  • Audiobooks;
  • DVDs.
  • Please note: items published/copyrighted in the current or previous year will not be requested through Inter-Library Loan, and will be considered a Suggestion for Purchase.

What is Not Available through Inter-Library Loan:

  • New books;
  • Rare and fragile books;
  • Academic titles from universities and colleges;
  • eBooks and online resources;
  • Video games;
  • Current editions of standard reference material.

Who May Borrow:

  • Anyone with a valid Clarington Public Library card in good standing and who does not have fines in excess of $10 may request items through Inter-Library Loan.

Fines and Fees:

  • Inter-Library Loan services are offered at no charge;
  • Replacement costs for lost materials are set by the lending library and are the cardholder's responsibility;
  • Members who do not pick up their ILLO requests will be billed a $2 fee.

More Information:

  • Items requested through inter-library loan may take four (4) to six (6) weeks to arrive;
  • Usually titles older than two years are not purchased. Requests for older, specialized or out-of-print items will be treated as Inter-Library Loan requests;
  • Please note that while the Library fills requests where possible, we may not be able to purchase certain digital items due to publisher restrictions.
  • Related policies:

Request Form:

Please note that if you are requesting a physical item and do not indicate your preferred pick-up location, the Library will use your home branch by default.
Please note that where possible, digital items available for suggestion appear in the Overdrive collection. Please contact our staff if you require assistance.
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