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Virtual Escape Room: Escape Wonderland

You find yourself standing in a library…

Wait. A library? How did you get here? Is the library even open right now? It sure doesn’t seem like it, since there doesn’t seem to be anyone else here. Before you can contemplate your situation further, you spot something! Is that…a rabbit? It is, a white rabbit! Holding a…pocket watch?

Before you can move, the rabbit spots you, drops his pocket watch and runs off down between the shelves!

What do you do?

Escape boredom and adventure through Wonderland with Clarington Public Library's digital escape room! Solve puzzles and riddles, and discover what's at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Can you make your way home, or are you stuck in Wonderland? Each choice you make is a new path!

Follow the White Rabbit!

Alice in Wonderland

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