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Activity Sheets: Practice & Activities

  • Art: Art Supply Bingo: Get creative with what you have at home! Play our Art Supply Bingo Game and see if you can come up with a full line of supplies horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The twist: try and make a craft using that includes every item from the lines you complete!
  • Art: Collage: Challenge yourself to create art using the objects around you in a new and different way – it doesn’t have to use art supplies!
  • Drama: Read and Play! Expand on your reading and explore the creative process! Combine reading, writing, and dramatic play to build creative writing and presentation skills while having fun with your favourite stories.
  • English: Emoji Stories: Can you retell a story using only emojis? Choose a short story you know well (hint: try fairy tales from Overdrive or hoopla!), and try to re-tell it using only emojis!
  • French: Les animaux domestique: Practice your animal vocabulary in French!
  • French: L’Alphabet! Practice reading and speaking in French by creating your very own alphabet story.
  • Geography: Across Canada: Trek across Canada using Library eResources like World Book Kids and learn about how amazing and diverse our country is!
  • Math: Graphing: Make math fun by going on a treasure hunt! Use TumbleMath to listen to / read a story about graphs, then make your own! Use the Graphing heading and browse or search to find the Sir Cumference and the Viking’s Map book.
  • Math: Origami: Make math fun by learning angles and 3D shapes with origami! Use TumbleMath to listen to or read a story about origami, then make your own! Use the Geometry heading and browse to find the Origami book, or search for "origami" to find it!
  • Math: Picture Graphs: Collect data and analyze it using a pictograph! Use TumbleMath to listen to or read a story about picture graphs, then make your own! Use the Geometry heading and browse to find the Let’s Make a Picture Graph book.
  • Math: Telling Time: Learn to tell time with analog clocks! Use TumbleMath to enjoy a story about telling time, then learn to make a schedule for your day! Use the Time/Temperature heading and browse to find the It’s About Time, Max! book.
  • Phys Ed: Healthy Eating: Healthy eating is an important part to keeping our bodies in good physical condition. Start a discussion of healthy eating options with your child(ren) so that they can get involved in maintaining a balanced diet and making healthy food choices!
  • Science: The Four Seasons: Learn about the four seasons and what makes each one special! Explore World Book Kids and try searching "seasons" to learn more about what creates the seasons and how they are experienced depending on where you live on planet Earth!
  • Science: Objects and Materials: Explore the way things around you are made, and the types of materials needed to create them. Search for “materials” on World Book Kids to start your learning!
  • Science: Tour the Solar System: Travel the solar system and learn about our neighbours in the universe using Explora Primary or World Book Kids. Get creative and make your own model of the solar system, or simply explore online – the universe is yours to discover!
  • Social Studies: First Nations: Learn more about the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and discover information about their histories, languages, and traditions. Get started with World Book Student to find the answers to these questions, and more!
  • Social Studies: Measure It! Almost everything around you can be measured in some way! Learn about different types of measurements by reading, talking, and testing. Use Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations to discover more!


Activities banner, quizzes and trivia.

Activity Sheets: Quizzes & Trivia

  • Art: Artist Match: Artists are often known for distinct styles or specific art pieces. Test your knowledge of these famous artists by matching them to their famous artworks or styles! Check the "Important People" section of World Book Kids to learn more about famous artists!
  • English: Guess the Author: Can you guess who wrote these favourite books? If you're stuck, try using the Library catalogue to find out!
  • Geography: Guess the Country: Travel around the world and learn about different countries from your living room! Use the Library's eResources to decode these facts about countries and find out where to travel to next!
  • Geography: Match Game: After checking out our Across Canada activity and learning about the provinces and territories of Canada, test your knowledge with these provincial matching activities! Don’t forget: you can always visit World Book Kids if you need help!
  • History: Who Am I? Go on a fact finding mission and see if you can discover just who these famous people are! Discover the figure behind the facts using Library eResources like World Book Kids and Explora Primary!
  • Science: What Animal Am I? An animal-based game of fact-finding and discovery! Use the Library's eResources to figure out the identities of the mystery animals!


Activities banner, fun and games.

Activity Sheets: Fun & Games

  • Phys Ed: Animal Moves!: DIY Gym Class with movements inspired by some awesome animals, and check out Library eResources World Book Kids or Explora Primary to see some of these animals in action or find other animal movements to try!
  • Resources: Library Bingo! Can you complete the Bingo square using Library resources at home? Go on a digital scavenger hunt through our website, eCollection, and eResources!


Activities banner, summer reading club.

Activity Sheets: TD Summer Reading Club 2021

  • Tote Bag (new!): Learn how to make a tote bag out of an old t-shirt! A great recycling/upcycling activity!
  • Plant Fossils: Create your own DIY fossil using plaster and some plants, leaves, and flowers!
  • Nature Suncatcher: Build a beautiful suncatcher from the flowers and leaves you can find in your garden!
  • Bubble ArtCreate bubble flowers, and learn how to identify different types of flowers!
  • Grow Your Own CrystalsBring out your mad scientist! Grow crystals in this fun activity, then chart their growth!
  • Homemade Ice CreamYum yum! Learn how to make your very own ice cream at home! And if you could design ANY kind of ice cream, what would it be?
  • Grow a SeedNurture your green thumb! Grow some seeds, then chart their growth!
  • Let's GoIt's fun with words! Enjoy a word search and scramble, discover recommended reads, and a colouring activity!