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Computer Access

Clarington Public Library is excited to be providing computer access as part of Stage 3 re-opening procedures.

Members may now visit the Library anytime during our expanded Grab & Go Service Hours, and use a Library computer without an appointment! Time slots are for one (1) hour, but can be extended provided others are not waiting for computer use. For the safety of our staff and community members, there are various parameters in place that must be adhered to when entering the Library and during your time in the branch.

For more information regarding borrowing materials, please see our Grab & Go page.

Computer access promotional graphic.

Computer Use Parameters


Independent computer access is permitted for members aged ten (10) and over. Any members under the age of ten (10) must be accompanied by a competent caregiver as outlined in the Library's Unattended Children policy.

Health Screening

Members are asked to ensure they are not experiencing any symptoms before entering the Library, by conducting a self-assesment, using a tool such as Ontario's self-assessment

Face Masks

As per Durham Health recommendations, face coverings (i.e. non-medical masks) must be worn at all times. Members are also asked to adhere to physical distancing guidelines, remaining 2 meters / 6 feet away from others when possible, and following posted signs, floor markings, and the direction of staff.

Additional Services

Children's Early Literacy Computers, Courtice Branch Studio, and scanning services are not available as part of computer access at this time. Printing and scanning services are both available as self-service options.

Appointment Length

Appointments are held to one (1) hour in duration; all Library computers will automatically shut down at the end of appointments. Members with work to save should be sure to save to an external device such as a USB stick, or via email, often during their booking.

Appointments cannot be extended.

Use of Library Computers

Members can access Library computers using their Library card number or a provided one-time use guest pass. Content access continues to be guided by the Library's Internet Access policy.

Personal Computers / Devices

Members are permitted to bring their own devices for computer access in branch, but they will be limited to working at designated areas. Similar to regular Library computers, we ask that you limit your time to one (1) hour to ensure fair access for everyone, but time may be extended provided no others are waiting.

Food & Beverages

Food is not permitted in the Library during computer access bookings. Beverages are permitted in sealable containers.

Additional Items

Members are responsible for bringing any additional items they may require during their booking; shared items such as pencils, paper, or cables will not be provided.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

All computers equipment, workstations, chairs, and high contact surfaces will be disinfected between users. Hand sanitizer is available as needed, and non-medical masks should be worn at all times.